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When is the deadline for high schools to nominate students?

Each high school should nominate students 2 months before the students sit for the WASSCE

Will I be contacted by Two Brothers Fellows if my school nominates me?

Due to the volume of applications and competitive nature of the program, we only contact student when they have moved to the interview stage. 

What if my school does not have partnership with Two Brothers Fellows?

You can self-nominate yourself and provide all documentation that Two Brothers Fellows requires to make decision​

I am in my second year in high school, am I eligible to apply?

At the moment, we only consider students in their final year in high school and those within one year after high school

Is there a GPA cutoff to apply to be a Two Brothers fellow?

There is no GPA cut-off. We take a holistic review of the application.

What happens after being admitted as a fellow?

Congratulations, Two Brothers Fellows will do its best to support you throughout your college journey

What happens after I graduate from college?

We ask that you join our alumni network and become an ambassador for Two Brothers Fellows by giving back to your community. We hold a yearly meetup event to discuss how best we are all supporting our community.

If you do not see the answer to your question, email us at

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