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Two Brothers Fellows is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded by Phillip Levine and Anthony Ayebiahwe.

Our mission is to empower the brightest minds from Ghana to achieve a higher education.

We partner with high schools across the country and focus specifically on students coming from extraordinary financial and family circumstances.


After completing the application process, we select a batch of finalists who have the opportunity to take the SAT free of charge as well as get connected to an academic tutor and slew of training materials.

Each student who has met the SAT score threshold will be assigned a college counselor to help them apply to universities across the US. We will then select two finalists who will receive a grant to cover the visa application process and airfare. These students will receive ongoing support before and throughout  their studies.


Our two runner-up scholars will receive a grant for a university in Ghana to pursue further studies.

Navigate to our FAQs page to find out if you are eligible to apply.



​In November, 2011, Anthony Ayebiahwe met Phil Levine one day walking home from soccer practice in the small fishing village of Elmina, Ghana. Anthony was a a high school senior and Phil was American student from the University of Pennsylvania who was volunteering in Ghana at the time.


Phil had a 4 mile walk to get home and so they talked...and talked....and talked.  Anthony explained his family’s dire financial situation - struggling to put food on the table let alone have money for college. Anthony asked if Phil could help and what could be done.

​Phil said yes and that was all that they needed.


Anthony showed up the next day with dozens of questions about the college application process, the SAT, scholarships, and more. Over the course of the next several weeks, they took practice SAT tests, researched colleges, and talked. Most importantly, they built the foundations for a friendship that would last to this day.


On his last day in Ghana, Phil promised to register Anthony for the SAT upon his return to the US. True to his word, he paid for Anthony's SAT registration and a bus ticket to Accra to take the test.


Months later and dozens of college applications submitted, Anthony received a full academic scholarship to attend Berea College outside of Lexington, Kentucky.  Berea prides itself on providing low-income scholars the opportunity for college and selects one international student per country each year. Anthony was that student from Ghana. He now had the opportunity to be the first person in his family to go to college.

However, even with a full ride scholarship, Anthony had no money for visa applications or airfare. Phil, now in his senior year at Penn, raised enough money from his friends and family for Anthony. Three months later, Phil and his dad met Anthony at the airport ready to drive him to Kentucky for his first day of college.

Over the next 4 years, Anthony excelled in his academic studies, was selected as a Bonner Scholar, and competed on the Varsity soccer team. After graduation, Anthony went on to receive a graduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania.


Phil and his family took Anthony under their wing as their own blood and Phil and Anthony view themselves as brothers to this day.

They are both committed to paying it forward and providing the same set of opportunities to the next generations of scholars.

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